switchMan !

You open many applications… then you lose your time searching for the right Window?!
switchMan is your fast and simple solution…!

It is a direct and simple application which shows you all currently running programs and open windows…
Just select your desired window in the list and click Switch to directly bring it to front.

You can also use switchMan to close a running application to free your device memory… Just select the program and click Close.
How To Use switchMan
When you first launch the program, switchMan places its icon on the notification bar.
At any moment, you just need to click this icon to display the list of running programs.
In Extended mode, switchMan can show you all currently running hidden processes… (Please be careful not to close a vital process).
Useful tips
Like any other program, you can launch switchMan using the shortcut created during setup (just click Start / Programs to find this shortcut)
You may also find it useful to link switchMan to one of your device buttons to automatically launch or open its window.

  • Click Start / Settings
  • Select Buttons and assign one the buttons to switchMan…
  • click ok