Job5ync: an efficient job seeker companion
Not always funny to be in the trouble of seeking a job! …If you already lived that, you already understand.

Trouble in seeking a job has several sources:
  • where to find position info;
  • how to evaluate the proposed positions, i.e.:
    • Understand what employers are searching for (not always evident!);
    • Understand per-job market prices…
    • How to select job offers that best match my knowledge…
  • After having evaluated these points… apply for selected positions… i.e.: prepare/send curriculum vitae… and prepare for possible phone interviews…

You quickly find out that it is a very busy job to search for a job…

Finally... it is another more field where PocketPC can be useful!
Job5 is a simple tool that may help you track the 3 branches of the problem!
  • Future employers!
  • Job info sources
  • Job offers and their processing history
Record job info sources (ex: careebuilder,…)
For each position offer: record the employer (if it doesn’t already exist in your list)
Job5 allows you to keep exhaustive position information.
Paste here the ‘integral’ text of position offer… it may help you remember what was the initial offer!
What was the proposed salary? Annual or monthly… in which currency.
Obtain instant conversion in the currency of your choice.
Sort the position list according to some interesting columns (date, employer, ref…)
Filter the list according to necessary criteria…
Track position processing steps: mail CV, responses, phone calls…
A plus : Job5ynch can also synchronize the information with a desktop SQL database (installed for example on your laptop or desktop machine.)