GoGlobal 2004, global country information on your fingertip
Communication technologies emphasis our need for detailed information about all countries.
What do we need to know, on the fly, about a country?
We need some practical information: phone code, country’s languages, weather, time, useful web sites…
According to the individual experience, we also may need to personalize and enrich stored information about some countries.

GoGlobal is your best mobile solution that provides global information about all countries, and allows you update and add your own.
The countries form contains all global countries list.
Just select a country in the list… (you may also type the first letters of a country’s name or code and then click the search button to quickly find matching item)

Info tab lets you locate the country on the map, and have access to all information related to the selected country:
  • code and phone code;
  • currency;
  • local time;
  • dominant weather;
  • … and more
You can, of course compose end define your own information about the country.
Country information screen
The concept is simple:
  • You define your Themes of interest;
  • Then you can keep per country information for each theme