FavoriteMan !
favoriteMan… instant access your Pocket PC space!

Today’s PocketPC is quite a large place for many programs and documents… and in such a large place it becomes a little difficult to quickly find what you need.

What I need is simply to have instant access to my important documents, photos, music, spreadsheets… and, maybe, to my favorite mobile web sites…
More: Because my favorite items change with the time… they cannot be presented as a static list…

If this is your problem, then favoriteMan is your solution.

favoriteMan lets you define your favorite items… and gives you instant access to any of them by a simple click… Whether your favorite item is a program, a document, a spreadsheet, a photo, a web site or a song…!
Simply click on favoriteMan tray icon on the Today screen.
favoriteMan presents you the list of your favorite items… select the item you want and click Open!
Click Edit to add or update your favorite items…

Select the item to update… modify its information and click Save…

A favorite item is simply composed of 3 fields:
  • The target element to which it refers (the physical file to open)
  • The item name;
  • The item type;
To change the item’s target file, you simply click the choose path button, and select the desired file.

Target files can be a shortcut (.lnk), a program (.exe) or a document of any recognized type… photos, spreadsheets, notes, music sound files, maps…

Target element can also be a website address (something like: http://pocketpc.isosoft.org)
Choose one of the proposed icons to visually distinguish your favorite.
You can optionally choose to automatically launch favoriteMan when the system starts up.