What is FileCat?
We all more and more use digital cards, CDs, diskettes and other medias to store a variety of files (data, photos, music, programs...)
The size of media becoming more and more large, finding which file is on which media becomes a true headache!
And that where FileCat can be useful
FileCat stores the list of files of your cards, CDs or even special folders in a classified database, and allows you to easily find which file is on which media.

How to use FileCat?
Files, on any media, are stored in Folders… which themselves are on a Volume.
FileCat stores the list of your files just like they are on your media.
You can ask FileCat to catalog all sub-folders and files on a media, or in a special folder as a Volume.

To ease search operations, FileCat's volumes can be grouped in Catalogs. Each Catalog can contain one or more volumes.

To catalog a volume or a special folder:
  • On the main screen, select the catalog and click Manage catalog volumes
  • Enter volume's information on the Catalog Volumes dialog box (select volume type, and enter volume's summary and label.
  • Click the select folder button to choose the root folder of the volume
  • Click Add
  • Click Rescan

How to Search Files?

On the main screen, click the Search files menu
Provide search criteria and click Search

How to update your file list?
With the time going, you move, copy and delete files.
To keep up with your file list stored in FileCat database your can:
Rescan all folders and files of a selected volume
Or Rescan all sub-folders and files of a selected folder

To rescan a volume:
In the main screen (volumes tab), select the volume and click Rescan

To rescan a folder:
In the main screen (Folders tab), select the folder and click Rescan