Barotel, presentation
Barotel is an efficient mobile tool for managing the bar, the hotel and/or restaurant on Pocket PC. (Barotel is available in English version / French version)
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What you can do using Barotel
Barotel allows you to manage:
  • The bar, the cafe or restaurant space on per waiter basis;
  • The hotel reservations and room occupation agenda;
  • Accountancy:
    • Services and reservation invoices;
    • Customer account follow up;
Managing these items can be done in one of two general modes:
  • The stand-alone mode: you manage all items entirely and only on your Pocket PC, with the possibility to transfer selected database information toward your desktop PC in text or XML format;
  • The synchronized mode: in this mode, Pocket PC database information are synchronized with a central database located on a local or remote server (or desktop PC).
Why choose Barotel?
  • Barotel proposes a complete set of functionalities for managing the bar, restaurant and hotel for both small or large business;
  • Barotel is a scalable and flexible application. You can configure Barotel to meet exactly your policy and needs;
  • Barotel is built on the most recent state of the art technologies that seamlessly integrate with the Pocket PC;
  • Barotel comes with 6 months free support services, plus a 1 year free updates service!
  • In order to be integrated into large corporate site, Barotel can be complemented by special installation and/or specific software development to seamlessly integrate into complex infrastructures and configurations;

Some scenarios to work with Barotel
Manage the bar and the restaurant
In this context, we can see the following scenario:
  • The service space is composed of tables located in different halls or terraces;
  • Each employee takes on his or her Pocket PC the information of his or her managed tables as well as the sales articles information and prices (i.e. drinks, meals…)
  • The employee records customer orders for each table…
    • Chosen Barotel connection configuration can allow order items to be transmitted to the cuisine service via a central server or desktop PC (see connection configurations below)
  • Once the customer order is completed… the employee can then process payment: Barotel displays the order total along with a simple cash calculator;
    • Chosen Barotel connection configuration can allow the employee to synchronize order and payment data with the central server or desktop PC;
  • Barotel displays the per-employee / per table daily total for all orders.
Manage reservations
To manage rooms or table reservations, here is a simple scenario:
  • The hotel or hall is composed of several rooms or tables ;
  • The employee takes on his or her Pocket PC the information related to his or her managed rooms or tables, including price information according to the available configurations (simple, double, demi-pension… etc.);
  • To follow up reservations, Barotel proposes several simple ways:
    • The hotel agenda displays reservation information for a selected period;
    • The monthly agenda;
    • Employee can also query room availability for a period, to know which rooms are available during a selected time period.

  • To process a reservation:
    • Once reservation conditions have been decided (reservation period and availability)… we can then process the reservation:
    • Select the resident customer (and the invoiced customer if not the same)… if the customer is not on the list: we add a new customer record;
    • Select the reservation period (Barotel stays vigilant if an error occurs… i.e. a room or table is already reserved between the selected dates)
  • Customer account follow up allows you to obtain useful information about customer’s account:
    • The customer information record (name, phone, email…);
    • Customer’s overdue per domain (bar, restaurant, hotel…);
    • Customer’s total orders per domain;
    • Customer’s orders history (which can be filtered for a selected period)
  • Barotel Invoice module allows you in a few simple steps to process customer invoices for selected services and / or reservations:
    • Select the customer and the invoice date to create a new invoice record (Barotel generates a unique reference for your invoice);
    • Once the customer is selected, Barotel displays all customer’s services and reservations that are not yet invoiced;
    • Select the services and reservations and click to include in the invoice;

Barotel configuration
Barotel is a very flexible tool that can easily be adapted to match each entrepreneur needs and each corporate policy.
All Barotel ‘foundation items’ can be customized in a simple manner.
  • Data parameters allow you to customize all your activity items: products, rooms, tables, taxes, employees…
  • Connection parameters (if you choose to work in synchronize mode) allow you to customize the way Barotel on a specific Pocket PC can connect to the central database and the information that should be synchronized for this specific Pocket PC.
Data parameters
  • Products are classified by category / volume and tax (VAT):
  • Rooms, with several prices according to several reservation contexts
  • Define customer categories, waiters and tables

Connection parameters
For a synchronized mode, define parameters for connecting the central database:
Barotel, working smoothly
Make your work easier using several more options:
  • The barman dictionnary:
    • Define clear explanations of some of the barman slang expressions … to help poor lost starters!

  • Use Barotel to leave notes to other colleagues….

Connection configurations
Stand-alone mode

‘Solitaire’ configuration:
  • You can choose to manage the entire database only on your Pocket PC.
Cabled configuration
  • You can transfer data from the Pocket PC to your desktop PC for further processing by another application.
  • You manage your business entirely on the Pocket PC.

Wireless (WiFi) configuration
  • Same like above …
Communication between the Pocket PC and the desktop PC is done using wireless connection (WiFi).
Synchronized mode

In this mode, data is stored on a server (or a shared PC).
Each Pocket PC connects to this central machine to ‘synchronize’ entreprise data.
Synchronizing data means integrating changes made on the Pocket PC into the common database located on the serveur, and transferring a copy of needed server updates to the Pocket PC.

This mode allows you to work on a your local area network and to use Pocket PCs for mobile workers.