NPV and Reductions
Computing Present Values (NPV) and reduction ratios

To help calculation of present values and reduction ratios of financial scenarios, ISO Soft offers this simple MS Excel spread sheet.

How to use the sheet:
  • Enter the start date for PV calculation;
  • For each term row:
    • Enter the term date;
    • The discount rate at this date;
    • The initial amount;
    • The scenario amount.

The sheet provides the following information :
  • For each row: PV of initial amount (PVinit), and PV of scenario amount (PV);
  • Aggregations and ratios:
    • Totals of initial amount and scenario amount;
    • PV Totals for each column (Initial, amount);
    • Reduction ratio of PVinit vs. initial amount;
    • Reduction ratio of PV vs. scenario amount;
    • Reduction ratio of PV vs. initial amount.

For calculating several scenarios, please use a copy of the downloaded file for each scenario.

Please click here to download the MS Excel workbook (Please use ActiveSync to copy the sheet to your Pocket PC).