easySite, Answers to some questions
Some questions about easySite and its ‘modules’...
Are these modules dissociable?... which module to choose for which task?

NO... easySite modules are not dissociable!
But... you can choose to favor the use of certain modules according to the desired task.

Whatever the task that you want to manage using easySite, two modules will, a priori, be used frequently:
  • The Editorial module: to define and manage your site’s architecture, define and manage articles;
  • The User interface module: to define and manage Menus;

In this ‘basic’ configuration, you can build and maintain an Internet/Intranet site which will expose pages containing text and illustrated articles for which you will be able to manage publication in several languages if you wish to.

The DAC (Data Access) module, helps you define and manage sets of records of a database. (easySite itself uses this module to help you manage your articles and pages)

DAC module can be very useful to manage for example:
  • Online Product Catalogues;
  • Online Data views and acquisition;